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List of Photo Topics

Ilka: As Seen by Others



   Americana: 1960s
   Americana: 1970s
   Americana: 2000 - 2010



Kanak Dancers of Lifou

Free Tibet Demonstrations - April 2008

Immigrant Rights Movement - Spring 2006

Cindy Sheehan Vigil - August 17, 2005


Protests against war on Iraq - 2002, 2003

Gulf War Protests

The Occupation of Alcatraz 1969 - 1971
   For additional Alcatraz photos see: Dr. Troy Johnson's site at CSULB
   Returning to Alcatraz  1971 onward

Anti-Vietnam Movement  1965 onward
Conservatives, Pro-Vietnam War

Black Panther Party  1965 - 1970

UC Berkeley 1967 - 1979 Events
   Third World Liberation Strike

Birds Killed by SF Bay Oil Spill - January 1971
SF Bay Oil Spill - January 2007

Bay Area Chinese Community
   Oakland Chinatown
   San Francisco Chinatown

Migrant Workers

United Farm Workers (U.F.W) 1971 - Present
   Marches throughout the years
   Cesar Chavez' Funeral
   Pilgrimage - 1994
   (For all 900 of IH's UFW photographs, see: The Farmworker Documentation Project)

Anti Nuclear Movement
   Occupation of Diablo Canyon
   Large demonstration in San Luis Obispo
   (attended by Governor Jerry Brown)
   Anti-Nuclear demonstrations in San Francisco

The Peace Movement
   Marches and demonstrations in San Francisco against nuclear weapons
   Livermore Lab: Hiroshima Day
   Livermore Lab: Peace Camp
   Fast for Life  1983

   Against Pershing and SS 20 Medium-Range Missiles in Bonn, West Germany 1981
   (400000 demonstrators, NATO soldiers in uniform demonstrating, Heinrich Böll, Coretta
   Scott King, Harry Belafonte)

  Amsterdam, Holland 1981  (500000 demonstrators)

Back to the Land Movement
Small town community organizing.
Voluntary Simplicity
Organic farming
Shelters, Alternative Housing

Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Movement
Domestic Partners, San Francisco, 1990

Germany (West)
   Squatters movement in Berlin • Hausbesetzungen
   Movement against hatred of foreigners • Ausländerfeindlichkeit
   March against hatred of foreigners, Berlin 1982
   Posters in the former East Germany 1999
   Demonstrations and riots against President Reagan's visit to Berlin, 1982
   Fall of the Berlin Wall (Fall der Mauer)
   German Unification (some photos by I.H.)
   Germany after the Fall of the Wall, Summer 1990

East Germany
   Thuringia • Thuringen
   Weimar, etc
   Mecklemburg-Vorpommern along the Baltic Sea
   Reconstruction of East Germany

The San Joaquin - Sacramento River Delta
   The Water
   "Mailman by Boat" - The work of the Delta Mailman


Nicaragua - 1986

African Americans

Indian America
   Urban Indians in the Bay Area
   AIM • The American Indian Movement

   Demonstrations & Rallies
   Long Walk for Survival
   Daily Life
   Special Events

   The Navajo (Diné)
   The Kiowa
   The Lummi
   The Shoshone
   The Omaha
   The Three Affiliated Tribes
   The Pomo
   The Miwok
   The Zuni
   The Paiute
   The Lakota
   The Huichol Indians of Mexico
   Indians of Nicaragua

Indian Activists:
   Dennis Banks
   Thomas Banyacya
   Mary and Carrie Dann
   Leonard Crow Dog
   Mary Crow Dog
   Phillipp Deere
   Adam Fortunate Eagle (Nordwall)
   Dennis Hastings
   Archie Fire Lame Deer
   Sacheen Littlefeather
   Wilma Mankiller
   Chuna McIntyre
   Russell Means
   Rigoberta Menchu
   Grace and Dagmar Thorpe
   John Trudell
   Bill Wahpepah
   Floyd Westerman

Pearson: Rescue of a Harbor Seal Pup and its life from
babyhood to adulthood, photographed at the
California Marine Mammal Center.

The Study of the Holocaust
   Holocaust Survivors
   Jewish and German reconciliation projects


Persons of Note:

   Stringfellow Barr
   Jean Louis Barrault
   Harry Belafonte
   Heinrich Böll, Boell, Boll (Nobel Laureate)
   Barbara Boxer
   Stewart Brand
   Governor Jerry Brown, 1970, 1993
   Helen Caldecott (antinuclear activist and physician)
   Former President Jimmy Carter
   Cesar Chavez (Co-Founder of the UFW)
   Angela Davis
   The Dalai Lama
   Paul R. Ehrlich
   Daniel Ellsberg
   Lawrence Ferlinghetti (Beat Poet)
   Lawyer Charles Garry
   Jean Genet
   Allen Ginsberg
   Arlo Guthrie
   Wavy Gravy
   Lillian Hellman and John Melby
   Frank Herbert (author of the Dune series)
   Dolores Huerta (co-founder of the UFW)
   Jesse Jackson
   Petra Kelly (West German Green Party)
   Coretta Scott King
   William Kunstler
   Fritz Lang
   Joanna Macy (writer)
   Taj Mahal (the musician)
   Nelson Mandela
   William (Bill) Mandel
   Rosario Murillo, first lady of Nicaragua.
   Ralph Nader
   President of Nicaragua Daniel Ortega
   Bobby Seale (Black Panther Party) 1970, 2001
   W. Eugene Smith (photographer)
   Mario Savio
   Fay Stender
   Peter Warshall



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